New Fall Colours in Saskatchewan 2021

Fall colours, Saskatchewan
Fall colours, Thickwood Hills, Saskatchewan
Fall in the Thickwood Hills, northeast of the Battlefords.

This fall turned out to be a great season for colours in Saskatchewan. We were a bit worried to begin with because of the severe drought through most of the province, putting a lot of stress on trees and other vegetation. But come September the different hues began to pop. Usually autumn brings a sea of yellow and gold from our deciduous trees such as aspen and birch, but this fall we’ve noticed that a lot of trees had an orange tinge plus the reds seemed to more vibrant as well.

Fall colours, Saskatchewan
North Saskatchewan River valley near Langham.

Most of our fall colour photography this year was close to home, especially in the Thickwood Hills, but we also traveled to the near north around Prince Albert National Park and the lakelands, and parts of eastern Saskatchewan along the Hanson Lake Road, Woody Lake Road and Duck Mountain Provincial Park. Here are some of our favourite shots from the past few weeks.

Whitesand River near Theodore, Saskatchewan
Whitesand River near Theodore.

Fall colours, Saskatchewan
Top down view of the aspen forest. Here we can see how different clumps of trees vary as to how quickly they turn colour.

Fall colours, Duck Mountain, Saskatchewan
The Old Park Road in Duck Mountain Provincial Park.

Fall colours, Saskatchewan
Another view of the Old Park Road in Duck Mountain Provincial Park.
Fall colours, Saskatchewan
The forest in the Pasquia Hills displays a wide range of colours.
Mountain maple leaf, Saskatchewan
Closeup of a mountain maple leaf in the Porcupine Hills.
Fall colours, Saskatchewan
Woody Lake Road, Porcupine Hills Provincial Park.
Fall colours, Saskatchewan
Sometimes we can find just as much colour by looking down as looking up. Narrow Hills.
Fall colours, Saskatchewan
Reflections of fall colours in Anglin Lake.
Anglin Lake, Saskatchewan
Anglin Lake.
Fall colours, Saskatchewan
Hwy 378 through the Thickwood Hills near Whitkow.
Log house, Saskatchewan
Old log house in the Thickwood Hills.
Fall colours, Saskatchewan
One of our favourite go-to spots for fall colour – a gully along Hwy 324 south of Mayfair.
Fall colours near Battleford, Saskatchewan
Eagle Hills, southeast of Battleford.

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Fall colours 2021

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