5 Top Spots to see Lake Superior Waterfalls along the Trans Canada Highway

Kakabeka Falls

The north shore of Lake Superior in Ontario is a great place for waterfalls. Several rivers cut through the rugged Precambrian Shield landscape, with cataracts and rapids galore. But if you’re looking for falls that are both impressive and easy to access along the Trans Canada Highway, these five places shouldn’t be missed. Kakabeka Falls Only a short drive west of Thunder Bay, Kakabeka Falls… Read more5 Top Spots to see Lake Superior Waterfalls along the Trans Canada Highway

Exploring Lake Superior Provincial Park

Agawa Pictographs. Ontario

Lake Superior Provincial Park covers a huge piece of land long the lake’s east shore between Wawa and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. In 1960, this was the last place in the country to complete the Trans Canada Highway because of the challenge of finding a suitable route through the difficult terrain. Driving that stretch today serves up one panoramic view after another. The park is… Read moreExploring Lake Superior Provincial Park

19 Favourite New Landscape Photos from 2019

Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, Ontario

Today we look back at our photo adventures from 2019 and pick out 19 of our favourite new landscape images. It was an eventful year, starting with parts of South Africa in the winter, a road trip along the north shore of Lake Superior and a northern Saskatchewan canoe trip in summer, heading to Montana and parts of the Canadian Rockies in the fall, then… Read more19 Favourite New Landscape Photos from 2019

Fort William Historical Park

Fort William Historical Park, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Fort William in Thunder Bay, Ontario is considered the world’s largest fur trade post, and one of the largest living historic attractions in North America. This area has long been an important Canadian transport hub. In recent times it has been best known as the western-most port on the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway system, where grain and other products are loaded on ships bound for… Read moreFort William Historical Park