Logistics of Visiting Death Valley

Death Valley

While our last two postings dealt with two of Death Valley’s most famous photo ops – Zabriskie Point and the wildflower bloom – that’s only the beginning of the possibilities. The largest national park in the USA outside Alaska, Death Valley is a series of mountain ranges, valleys, canyons, badlands, and sand dunes. Most impressive are the vibrant multi-coloured rock formations, such as the aptly… Read moreLogistics of Visiting Death Valley

Photographing Death Valley’s Zabriskie Point

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley

  Death Valley abounds in awesome sights to photograph, but the single most famous spot is Zabriskie Point at sunrise. It’s so popular for a lot of good reasons. You stand on a high ledge overlooking a vast area of badlands. Beyond is the bold, triangular-shaped point known as Manly Beacon, and to the right stands the colourful Red Cathedral formation. Farther in the background… Read morePhotographing Death Valley’s Zabriskie Point