Photographing the Penguins of Boulders Beach, South Africa

African penguins, Boulders Beach, South Africa

Boulders Beach, south of Cape Town, is an amazing spot to watch and photograph African Penguins at close quarters. Sometimes referred to as Jackass Penguins because of their donkey-like braying, African Penguins only live along the Atlantic coast of South Africa and Namibia. They are considered an endangered species, with the current population estimated to be only 10% of what it was in 1900. While… Read morePhotographing the Penguins of Boulders Beach, South Africa

19 Favourite New Landscape Photos from 2019

Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, Ontario

Today we look back at our photo adventures from 2019 and pick out 19 of our favourite new landscape images. It was an eventful year, starting with parts of South Africa in the winter, a road trip along the north shore of Lake Superior and a northern Saskatchewan canoe trip in summer, heading to Montana and parts of the Canadian Rockies in the fall, then… Read more19 Favourite New Landscape Photos from 2019

Wonders of the Kalahari

Lion, Kalahari Desert

We’re here for an adventure, but it turns out to be more of an adventure than we had bargained for. We start with a long drive from Johannesburg to the Kalahari Desert’s most wildlife-rich region – Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, straddling the border of South Africa and Botswana. As in many wildlife parks in South Africa, you can do a self-drive wildlife safari, exploring in your… Read moreWonders of the Kalahari

Sleeping with Rhinos

Rhino, Marakele National Park, South Africa

  The two-ton monster stares at us through the front door of our tiny tent, its long, curved horn pointing like a dagger. If that’s not enough to stir us from slumber, four of its buddies have us surrounded. Without warning a scuffle breaks out between two of them, with plenty of snorting and foot stomping sending bits of dirt and gravel flying against our… Read moreSleeping with Rhinos