Planning a Bear Photography Trip to Katmai, Alaska

  On the last posting we talked about the incredible opportunity to photograph brown bears fishing for salmon, and getting into some wild scuffles, at Alaska’s Brooks River Falls. The falls are located in remote Katmai National Park, accessible only by air. Remoteness, combined with a short season, limited visitor capacity, and high demand, suggests […]

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Photographing the Bears of Katmai, Alaska

Katmai bears

  Our wildlife photography highlight this past summer was undoubtedly our close encounters with brown bears (larger cousins of the grizzly) in Alaska’s Katmai National Park. We’ve been fortunate to have visited many of the world’s wildlife hotspots, and we would rank Katmai as among the best of the best for photography. Despite being fairly […]

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Photographing Yellowstone – Part 4 Planning


  As we discussed in the past three postings, Yellowstone National Park excels as a photography destination. If there is a downside to visiting Yellowstone, it’s the sheer number of people that also find it a great place to visit. Over three million people come every year, the vast majority between June and September. Our […]

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Photographing Yellowstone: Part 3 Wildlife

bison, Yellowstone National Park

  We watch from the side of the road as a female wolf gorges herself on an elk that the pack had killed the previous night. When she leaves, she is so full of meat that it seems an effort to walk. The den is about two miles away and she is likely taking food […]

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