coyote, Saskatchewan

17 Favourite New Wildlife Photos from 2017

Coyote and prairie dog, Saskatchewan

Coyote with a freshly caught black-tailed prairie dog, Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan.

We had several wildlife highlights during 2017. Many were close to home, including the opening shot of coyote with a black-tailed prairie dog in Grasslands National Park. Farther afield, a definite highlight was travelling to Mexico to see the phenomenal Monarch butterfly migration. It truly is a spectacular place and surprisingly easy and economical to visit. In case you’re interested in seeing this awesome natural spectacle, we did a posting on how to arrange a visit.
Monarch butterflies

Monarch magic. El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Reserve, near Angangueo, Mexico

Monarch butterflies, Mexico

Orange speckled sky. El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Reserve, near Angangueo, Mexico

Monarch Butterflies at El Rosario, Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico.

When the weather warms up around noon, the butterflies take to the sky in the thousands. El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Reserve, near Angangueo, Mexico.

Monarch butterflies

The trees droop with the weight of butterflies. Since butterflies don’t weigh a lot, you can imagine how many there in order to sag tree branches. El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Reserve, near Angangueo, Mexico

Pronghorn, Saskatchewan

Pronghorn are a common sight in southern Saskatchewan, but it’s special to find several together.

Mule deer, Saskatchewan

These mule deer seemed to pose for us on top of the hill in Grasslands National Park.

Mule deer buck, Saskatchewan

An impressive mule deer buck, Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

fawn, Saskatchewan

This tiny fawn looks as if it was just recently born, Meadow Lake Provincial Park, Saskatchewan.

Bison, Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

Are you looking at me? Bison in Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

Red-tailed hawk, Saskatchewan

Red-tailed hawk nest on our farm in the Thickwood Hills, Saskatchewan. It looked as if these youngsters were close to leaving the nest.

Red-tailed hawk, Saskatchewan

The red-tailed hawk adult didn’t seem too pleased that we were near their bush.

moose, Thickwood Hills, Saskatchewan

These two moose were wandering across cropland just south of our farm

Bald Eagle, Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan

On a trip to Lake Athabasca this summer, we camped on a small island on the north shore, with this tree just behind our tent. The eagle must have considered this to be its personal tree, since it would roost here, even when we were close by.

Swainson's Hawk, Southern Saskatchewan

Swainson’s hawk in the Cactus Hills, Saskatchewan.

Waterfowl liftoff, Luck Lake, Saskatchewan

Waterfowl lift-off at Luck Lake Heritage Marsh, Saskatchewan. We try to make a trip to Luck Lake every fall around the end of September or early October to see this awesome spectacle. This fall was spectacular as usual.

snowy owl, Saskatchewan

One of our last wildlife images of 2017 – a snowy owl near Sovereign, Saskatchewan.

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