The Best of Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Waterton Lakes National Park is unique in so many ways. Tucked into the southwest corner of Alberta, the most obvious part of the landscape is the abrupt change from the Great Plains to mountains. Unlike farther north, no foothills provide a gradual transition. One minute you’re travelling across open prairie, then suddenly you’re surrounded by massive mountains. What Makes Waterton Unique Though it’s the smallest… Read moreThe Best of Waterton Lakes National Park

Enjoying Saskatchewan’s Dazzling Wildflowers

Wildflowers, Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan

One of the biggest joys of spring and summer in Saskatchewan is the profusion of wildflowers that usually put on a dazzling display. Every year is different and conditions vary considerably throughout the province. Rainfall can bring on a profusion of colour in some areas, and even in dry years, there’s still wildlflowers to be found along roadsides or in meadows. So where are some… Read moreEnjoying Saskatchewan’s Dazzling Wildflowers

Five Easy Hikes in Saskatchewan’s Prince Albert National Park

Narrows Peninsula Trail, Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan

Prince Albert National Park is one of the top places to go hiking in Saskatchewan. Almost smack in the middle of the province, the park preserves the transition zone from the aspen parklands in the south to the northern boreal forest. Add the rich array of lakes, rivers, and wetlands, and we have an incredibly diverse wilderness to explore. The trail system includes everything from… Read moreFive Easy Hikes in Saskatchewan’s Prince Albert National Park

Three Easy Saskatchewan Hiking Spots

The Battlefords Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan abounds in great hiking trails that take you into the backcountry. But sometimes you want a short outing that’s relatively easy but that still takes you through some of the province’s top scenic natural areas. Here are three suggestions in Saskatchewan provincial parks that we always find rewarding. Each offers a different experience in a variety of landscapes. The Battlefords Provincial Park Situated on… Read moreThree Easy Saskatchewan Hiking Spots

Take Control of Camera Settings for Better Travel Photos

Ruby-throated hummingbird

When taking photos, you can either rely on auto settings and let the camera make decisions, or take control and make more of those decisions yourself. No matter how technically advanced a camera may be, it doesn’t know what effect you are after in your image, or your artistic vision for the shot. When you take a landscape photo, the camera doesn’t know if your… Read moreTake Control of Camera Settings for Better Travel Photos

How to Photograph According to Weather Conditions

Storm clouds over Etosha National Park, Namibia.

An important part of nature photography is to be flexible. It’s all very well to make plans that tomorrow we’re going to photograph this, that, or the other. But Mother Nature doesn’t always take our plans into account. That awesome sunrise we’re expecting to photograph is obscured by a huge cloud bank, the sky turns grey and drab, or that brilliant display of wildflowers we… Read moreHow to Photograph According to Weather Conditions