How to Use Auto ISO for Wildlife Photography

Ruby-throated hummingbird, Thickwood Hills, Saskatchewan

We have become increasingly reliant on the “Manual Mode + Auto ISO” method for photographing wildlife, especially for flying birds or for other situations where the action happens quickly, or when the subject is moving among different light conditions. In any type of photography, the more control we have over the camera, the better chances we have of getting the shot we want. For most… Read moreHow to Use Auto ISO for Wildlife Photography

Making Eye Contact in Wildlife Photography

Harp seal pup, Canada

It’s all in the eyes. It’s human nature for us to to be drawn to the eyes first, whether we’re looking at people or animals. In wildlife photography, the goal is usually to focus on the eyes. A wildlife image that is partially out of focus might still be effective as long as the eyes, or even one eye, is in focus. Get to Eye… Read moreMaking Eye Contact in Wildlife Photography

20 Favourite New Bird Photos from 2020

Bufflehead duck, Saskatchewan

Near the end of each year we usually do a posting on our favourite wildlife photos that we got during the year. As it turned out, birds dominated most of our wildlife photography this year, so we decided to keep the list focused on our feathered friends. It would be an understatement to say that 2020 was a year like no other, with the pandemic… Read more20 Favourite New Bird Photos from 2020

Three Easy Saskatchewan Hiking Spots

The Battlefords Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan abounds in great hiking trails that take you into the backcountry. But sometimes you want a short outing that’s relatively easy but that still takes you through some of the province’s top scenic natural areas. Here are three suggestions in Saskatchewan provincial parks that we always find rewarding. Each offers a different experience in a variety of landscapes. The Battlefords Provincial Park Situated on… Read moreThree Easy Saskatchewan Hiking Spots

Chaplin, Saskatchewan is a Spring Birding Hotspot

american avocets mating display, Saskatchewan

Spring is our favourite time of year to visit the Chaplin area along Hwy #1 roughly halfway between Moose Jaw and Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Chaplin Lake is part of a larger wetland complex including nearby Reed Lake and Old Wives Lake, which has been designated a wetland of Hemispheric Significance by the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network. The tasty buffet served up on Chaplin’s shores… Read moreChaplin, Saskatchewan is a Spring Birding Hotspot

Take Control of Camera Settings for Better Travel Photos

Ruby-throated hummingbird

When taking photos, you can either rely on auto settings and let the camera make decisions, or take control and make more of those decisions yourself. No matter how technically advanced a camera may be, it doesn’t know what effect you are after in your image, or your artistic vision for the shot. When you take a landscape photo, the camera doesn’t know if your… Read moreTake Control of Camera Settings for Better Travel Photos