Photographing Yellowstone – Part 4 Planning


  As we discussed in the past three postings, Yellowstone National Park excels as a photography destination. If there is a downside to visiting Yellowstone, it’s the sheer number of people that also find it a great place to visit. Over three million people come every year, the vast majority between June and September. Our preferred style of travel is having the maximum amount of… Read morePhotographing Yellowstone – Part 4 Planning

Photographing Yellowstone: Part 3 Wildlife

bison, Yellowstone National Park

  We watch from the side of the road as a female wolf gorges herself on an elk that the pack had killed the previous night. When she leaves, she is so full of meat that it seems an effort to walk. The den is about two miles away and she is likely taking food back to the pups. Almost immediately after she leaves, a… Read morePhotographing Yellowstone: Part 3 Wildlife

Photographing Yellowstone: Part 2 Thermal Activity

Grand Pristmatic Spring

Yellowstone National Park boasts something like half the world’s geothermal features – a wonderland of gushing geysers, steaming hillsides, boiling mud, and multi-hued pools that seem to be oozing paint.   The most famous feature is Old Faithful Geyser which faithfully spews a white column of boiling water 180 feet into the air every 90 minutes or so. It’s so predictable that the nearby visitor… Read morePhotographing Yellowstone: Part 2 Thermal Activity

Photographing Yellowstone: Part 1 The Canyon

Yellowstone Falls, Yellowstone National Park

This is the first in a four-part series on photographing Yellowstone National Park in the United States. Few places offer such an incredible variety of photo possibilities, from stunning landscapes to wildly colourful thermal features, along with fascinating critters. First we’ll look at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, which is what impressed us most. The next posting will look at the park’s outstanding thermal… Read morePhotographing Yellowstone: Part 1 The Canyon

Shoot Out at High Noon

morning glory pool

On a sunny day, landscape photography is best done either early or late in the day. Right? Well, mostly right. Midday light is harsh, with dark shadows, and seldom flattering in most settings. For landscapes photographers, the day usually starts before sunrise and ends after sunset. Midday is the time to rest, maybe have a long leisurely lunch or perhaps take a nap. But like… Read moreShoot Out at High Noon