10 Favourite New Landscape Photos from 2022

Bay of Fundy coastline, New Brunswick

All photos © Robin and Arlene Karpan

Favorite landscape photo of Bay of Fundy coastline, New Brunswick
Storm clouds and rainbow along the Bay of Fundy coastline in New Brunswick.

We were fortunate to have travelled to several parts of Canada this year and saw and photographed a wide range of awesome landscapes. It’s difficult to pick out only 10 photos but these are a cross-section of some of our favourites.

Favorite landscape photoAnglin Lake sunset, Saskatchewan
Sunset over Anglin Lake, Saskatchewan. No matter where we go, it’s hard to find anywhere that compares with Saskatchewan for colour in the skies.
Favorite landscape photoCap-Bon-Ami, Forillon National Park, Quebec
Sunrise over Cap-Bon-Ami, Forillon National Park, Quebec. The east-facing cliffs on this peninsula known as Land’s End take on a warm golden glow as soon as the sun clears the horizon.
Favorite landscape photoPerce, Quebec
The town of Percé and the Percé Rock along the Gaspé coast of Quebec. We looked at this famous half-kilometre long rocky island from several vantage points, but the one we liked best was from the viewpoint high in the hills behind the town.
Favorite landscape photo of Namekus Lake, Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan on Photojourneys
Namekus Lake, Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan. We often camp at Namekus Lake when visiting the park, where it is only steps away to put our canoe in the water and go for a paddle. This was a beautiful day in September with fall colours as a bonus.
Favorite landscape photo of Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, BC. from Photojourneys
Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, BC. Famous for its emerald green waters, Emerald Lake takes on a different character in winter. This spot is on the edge of the lake where it joins a creek, with a small stream of open water in January.
Aiguebelle National Park, Quebec
Aiguebelle National Park, Quebec. A bit off the beaten path, this beautiful park is in northwest Quebec near the border with Ontario. A highlight is this suspension bridge crossing the canyon on a long, narrow lake.
Moonrise, Birsay, SK
Moonrise over the grain elevator in Birsay, Saskatchewan. Photographing using a 600mm lens, and from over a kilometre away, makes the full moon more prominent in the image.
Favorite landscape photo of Roche Perce, Saskatchewan.
Sunrise at the sandstone formation in Roche Perce, Saskatchewan.
Favorite landscape photo of Fundy National Park, New Brunswick on Photojourneys
Let there be light. A foggy sunset over the forests of Fundy National Park in New Brunswick.

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