How to Use Auto ISO for Wildlife Photography

Ruby-throated hummingbird, Thickwood Hills, Saskatchewan

We have become increasingly reliant on the “Manual Mode + Auto ISO” method for photographing wildlife, especially for flying birds or for other situations where the action happens quickly, or when the subject is moving among different light conditions. In any type of photography, the more control we have over the camera, the better chances we have of getting the shot we want. For most… Read moreHow to Use Auto ISO for Wildlife Photography

Cool Tips for Winter Photography

Hoarfrost on tree, winter photography

It’s cold. It’s snowing. Everything is covered in frost. Days are short. What could be a better time to get outside for some photography? Winter gives us some great photo opportunities we don’t find at other times of the year. It’s all about the light While winter days are short, the light tends to be attractive throughout the day. In summer, prime times for landscape… Read moreCool Tips for Winter Photography

Making Eye Contact in Wildlife Photography

Harp seal pup, Canada

It’s all in the eyes. It’s human nature for us to to be drawn to the eyes first, whether we’re looking at people or animals. In wildlife photography, the goal is usually to focus on the eyes. A wildlife image that is partially out of focus might still be effective as long as the eyes, or even one eye, is in focus. Get to Eye… Read moreMaking Eye Contact in Wildlife Photography

Experiencing Canada’s Great Migration in Saskatchewan

Snow geese, Saskatchewan

Just after dawn, the constant chatter that carried on all night suddenly gets louder, a sure sign that something is about to happen. Seconds later it reaches a crescendo of raucous “whouk, whouk” calls as countless wings flap and thousands of snow geese lift off en masse. The flying frenzy covers such an immense area that it almost obscures the sky. This thrilling spectacle is… Read moreExperiencing Canada’s Great Migration in Saskatchewan

20 Favourite New Bird Photos from 2020

Bufflehead duck, Saskatchewan

Near the end of each year we usually do a posting on our favourite wildlife photos that we got during the year. As it turned out, birds dominated most of our wildlife photography this year, so we decided to keep the list focused on our feathered friends. It would be an understatement to say that 2020 was a year like no other, with the pandemic… Read more20 Favourite New Bird Photos from 2020

Photographing the Amazing Whooping Crane Migration in Saskatchewan

Whooping Cranes in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a hotspot for seeing and photographing whooping cranes, one of the rarest and most famous endangered birds in North America. Each fall these magnificent white birds migrate around 4,000 km from their nesting grounds in Wood Buffalo National Park, straddling the Alberta / Northwest Territories border, to their winter home in Aransas National Wildlife Refuge on the Texas Gulf Coast. They fly a… Read morePhotographing the Amazing Whooping Crane Migration in Saskatchewan