17 Favourite New Wildlife Photos from 2017

coyote, Saskatchewan

We had several wildlife highlights during 2017. Many were close to home, including the opening shot of coyote with a black-tailed prairie dog in Grasslands National Park. Farther afield, a definite highlight was travelling to Mexico to see the phenomenal Monarch butterfly migration. It truly is a spectacular place and surprisingly easy and economical to […]

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Flamingo Tango in Mexico’s Rio Lagartos


If you’re visiting Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and want to see some of the area’s wildlife, it’s hard to beat a trip to Rio Lagartos. The sleepy fishing village lies roughly half way along the peninsula’s northern shore, straight north of Valladolid. It borders the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, a sprawling mangrove-lined estuary with phenomenal bird […]

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Chaplin Lake’s Shoreline Spectacle

Sanderlings, Chaplin, Saskatchewan

The spring shorebird migration ranks among nature’s great spectacles, with Chaplin Lake in southern Saskatchewan a top hot spot. The tasty buffet served up on Chaplin’s shores makes this “the” stopover for hundreds of thousands of shorebirds on epic journeys from wintering grounds as far south as South America to as far as the high […]

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