20 Favourite Saskatchewan Landscape Photos from 2020

Churchill River, Saskatchewan
Churchill River, Saskatchewan
Island in the Churchill River, Saskatchewan. The river experienced record high water levels this summer, so this island looks as if it is drowning.

Each December, we usually do a posting on our favourite new landscapes of the year. But this year was a year like no other, with the pandemic setting the agenda as to where and when we could go. Since we spent a lot of time close to home, we decided that this year we’ll concentrate on our new photos of Saskatchewan.

Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan
Sunrise over the Conglomerate Cliffs, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Saskatchewan. Almost every time we camp in the West Block of the park, we come here for sunrise. We have to get up extremely early in summer, but if the sun cooperates it’s certainly worth it. This summer was no different.

A highlight this year was a summer canoe trip to Robertson Falls on the Churchill River. We also did a summer and a fall trip to Prince Albert National Park and area, and a fall trip to Narrow Hills Provincial Park. These parks tend to be our favourites for autumn colours, and this year certainly didn’t disappoint. Indeed, we considered 2020 to be one of the better seasons for fall colours in recent years.

Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan
Boundary Bog Trail, Prince Albert National Park. A wonderful trail at any time, our favourite time is fall when the tamaracks start turning colour.

Most of our other travels around Saskatchewan were mostly about wandering around to see what we could find, whether it be catching the canola and flax in bloom, the wild skies from summer storms, or our amazing sunrises and sunsets. So much about photography in Saskatchewan has to do with ever-changing light. They don’t call it the Land of Living Skies for nothing.

Rainbow, Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan
One of the most vibrant rainbows we’ve seen. Along Kingsmere Road in Prince Albert National Park.
Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan
Whenever we are in the Waskesiu area in Prince Albert National Park, we usually come to Propect Point for sunset. On this summer evening, rainstorms backlit by the setting sun were moving across the lake.
Canola field, Saskatchewan
A country road with canola, flax, and wheat fields, plus a Ukrainian church. What could be more quintessentially Saskatchewan?
Canola and flax, Saskatchewan
Canola and flax in bloom are both brilliantly colourful, but our goal is to try to find both together, such as here near Smuts, Saskatchewan.
Canola field, Saskatchewan
We would like to say that we carefully planned this shot and even arranged for a yellow car. But this was simply a happy accident. It just turned out that the only traffic to come down this lonely backroad was a yellow car.
Waskesiu River, Saskatchewan
The Waskesiu River in Prince Albert National Park, slowed down with a 30 second exposure.
Sandy Lake, Saskatchewan
Storm clouds on the horizon over Sandy Lake, Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan
Robertson Falls, Churchill River, Saskatchewan
Robertson Falls on the Churchill River was really roaring away this year because of the record high water levels.
Churchill River, Saskatchewan
Waves on the Churchill River. A landscape image doesn’t always have to be grand view. Sometimes concentrating on a small part of the scene can be just as compelling.
Sunset, Saskatchewan
This scene took us by surprise. We pulled into the parking area at the trailhead for the path to the Nipekamew Sand Cliffs, south of La Ronge. A huge thunderstorm rolled in and pounded us with rain for a half hour or so. Then the storm suddenly moved on, the sun peeked through the clouds, and flooded the scene with this intense glow.
Bog, Narrow Hills Provincial Park, Saskatchewan
Eye of the Forest. A wetland in Narrow Hills Provincial Park.
Narrow Hills Provincial Park, Saskatchewan
Narrow Hills Scenic Drive along a push moraine in Narrow Hills Provincial Park. We have driven this road many times, but it wasn’t until we got a bird’s eye view that we could really get a sense of the lay of the land. It’s easy to see why it’s called the Narrow Hills.
Fall colours, Saskatchewan
Fall colours along the road between Anglin and Emma Lakes in Great Blue Heron Provincial Park.
Sunset over barn, Saskatchewan
Fire in the sky. The setting sun tries to peek through storm clouds. Thickwood Hills, Saskatchewan.
Sunset over church, Saskatchewan
St. John the Baptist Church in Smuts, Saskatchewan against the setting sun.
Night sky, Thickwood Hills, Saskatchewan
Nightscape in the Thickwood Hills, Saskatchewan.
Bessborough hotel, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
The full moon setting over the Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon.

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8 thoughts on “20 Favourite Saskatchewan Landscape Photos from 2020

  1. Those pictures are fantastic, Robin and Arlene! We now live in Candle Lake, so if you guys are ever up here on your travels, we’d love to hear from you and maybe get together for a visit. Marc and Adele

  2. Thanks for the wonderful photos!

    It would be nice to see some of the far north, but I realized after the fact that these were the works of the two of you and of course you are limited with your travels. WE truly have a beautiful province.

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