10 Easy to Reach Saskatchewan Scenic Viewpoints

Jones Peak, Saskatchewan

Want to enjoy some super scenic views around Saskatchewan without expending a lot of effort getting there? Here are 10 great viewpoints that don’t require paddling raging rivers or strenuous hikes – or any hiking for that matter. You can simply drive right up to them. It couldn’t be easier. Southern Gems Jones Peak, Frenchman River Valley, Cypress Hills. From the town of Eastend, head… Read more10 Easy to Reach Saskatchewan Scenic Viewpoints

Experience the Wild Side of Winnipeg

Oak Hammock Marsh near Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg offers a variety of places to get in touch with nature in and around the city, but these two in particular shouldn’t be missed. At Fort Whyte Alive and Oak Hammock Marsh it’s all about enjoying the great outdoors – spotting wildlife, walking trails, and discovering the natural world. Photo opportunities abound, especially for bird photography. Fort Whyte Alive Situated in the city’s southwest,… Read moreExperience the Wild Side of Winnipeg

The Pros and Cons of Airbnb

Capetown view from Airbnb

A lot has changed in the world of travel recently, but one of the most significant developments in the past decade has been the emergence of Airbnb. Starting with an idea in 2007, it has become bigger than the five largest hotel chains combined. The odd name originated with two young cash-strapped roommates in San Francisco who saw an opportunity when a major conference came… Read moreThe Pros and Cons of Airbnb