Discovering the Land of the Giant Beaver

Athabasca Sand Dunes, Saskatchewan

Our pilot Cliff gives us a final wave as he taxies his Single Otter float plane near the lake’s sandy shore. Turning the plane to open water, he guns the throttle. The powerful engine roars to life, the propeller sending spray across the water surface and pontoons leaving a wake as the plane picks up […]

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Canoe Trip to Robertson Falls, Churchill River, Saskatchewan

Robertson Falls, Churchill River, Saskatchewan

Our recent trip to Robertson Falls on the Churchill River turned out to be the ideal time for a visit. Northern Saskatchewan excels as a destination for canoeing and wilderness camping, from easy short paddles to remote multi-days expeditions where you’re unlikely to see other people. When we’re looking for an easy-going trip for a […]

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Journey to Nistowiak Falls, Saskatchewan

Nistowiak Falls, Saskatchewan

Nistowiak Falls is the most famous waterfall in Saskatchewan, both because of its beauty and its accessibility. Several wonderful waterfalls dot northern Saskatchewan (see our post Saskatchewan’s Most Magnificent Waterfalls), though many take a bit of effort to reach. Nistowiak, on the other hand, is less than 20 km from the end of the road […]

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